Buy An Equus – Get An iPad

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    Want to receive a free iPad? Just buy an all new Hyundai Equus.

    The 2011 Hyundai Equus goes on sale this year, and will be the new flagship of the Korean auto maker. Hyundai intends on really giving up the goodies with Equus, including a free iPad from Apple… with a rumored starting price around $50,000, you’d better get a few free tech gadgets.

    Equus buyers can schedule repair appointments and access the vehicle owner’s manual via this fully functional iPad. An electronic manual might also be an industry first.

    Hyundai Motors CEO John Krafcik says Equus “has driven us to create an innovative customer experience designed to save our customers time…We’ll use what we learn from Equus to upgrade the customer experience for all Hyundai owners.”

    Krafcik said the electronic owner’s manual will be “interactive.” Owners can also use the iPad to schedule free service pickup, along with free loaner cars.



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